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    • Travel 3 Utah Moab
    • 6/27/2018
    • Event Photographer, Scottsdale, Phoenix, The Happy Snapper, started as a Travel Photographer. Reg Boynton-Lee did his f…
    • 3/18/2018
    • The UTLX - PROCTOR Conference held at the Wigwam Resort photogrpahed by The Happy Snapper of Scottsdale Phoenix. The B…
    • Faustos 90th Surprise Party
    • 9/3/2017
    • Event and Travel Photographer The Happy Snapper was there to catch the moment at Fausto's 90th birthday surprise party
    • Living Memorial Sculpture Garden
    • 8/30/2017
    • The Happy Snapper Travel Photorgapher has been photographing and collecting American flags for some 8 years and on a re…

The Happy Snapper Ltd

Reg Boynton-Lee
10474 E. Cochise Avenue Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  • p: (480) 215.2446

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